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We mean that you want to connect with your friends, for this purpose this amazing site of simple dating with the inhabitants of our city was created.... But neither she nor his mother reconciled - they, you see, are friends. Communicate. Don't make a standard situation out of emptiness. I challenge you to promises.

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She has already tortured her more and the family helps put the poor dog on an inflatable mattress, she is shaking thin, it seems that she only squeezes her and does not feed the filthy creatures.

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We simply have to win in this complex world. We have no other choice but to achieve our lofty plans and get the coveted rating.

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Of course, try to talk to the girl's mother on this topic, but somehow gently and carefully.

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So the two closest friends got married in other cities. I'm shorter than a loner. Where can I find girlfriends?

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Because getting into the upbringing of other people's children is also not entirely correct.

  • 6

And since then, as if I got accustomed to this role, and so in life for almost 10 years. Now I'm trying to remember what went wrong from what moment? And he already finds a social circle.

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And I do not coincide with such mummies. Well, they do not like to be friends with unmarried in most cases. In short, what to do at 32?

  • 8

At work alone, to be honest. Sister with children constantly, then school, then circles, then birthdays constantly gets acquainted with different mothers.

  • 9

Normal? At 32? How to find at least girlfriends? Where can I find a husband? What should I do?

  • 10

There is no family, no boyfriend, no loved one (there was one and he passed it on and deceived), there are good friends.

  • 11

I moved to another city, otherwise I would have died there. I learned hygiene, I learned to love and respect myself.

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So far, I'm not good at it, but I'm trying very hard. I remember how I cried and felt such pain. And she came up to me and said, well, what are you whining about?

  • 13

And I don't want to, I like my muscles and strength. But I can't concentrate on the pleasure of sports in the gym, I constantly think about how others laugh at me.

  • 14

And no attempts to explain to themselves what people should think about themselves do not help.

  • 15

I read such reviews on the net, when girls write, how they personally laughed and humiliated fat people who came to the gym.

  • 16

And that made me even more insecure. I can move, and I move well, I can perform many movements, but when I enter the gym...

  • 17

I bend almost twice, as if they are hitting me on my stomach, which now after the illness has remained the only problematic place, and I give my best ten percent perhaps.

  • 18

The coach thinks that everything hurts me, that I can't move, because of this, they treat me like a cripple.

  • 19

I can physically, but mentally I can't. That everyone is laughing and humiliating me in my head.

  • 20

It is worth starting to run, as thoughts immediately into the fact that everything is shaking with me, that I am a laughingstock.

  • 21

Again, the body suffers from a lack of fizuhi. Vicious circle. Late at night in the dark at the stadium, I calmly give out different steps on the horizontal bars, in my full body.

  • 22

I can do it when I have free time. And in the hall the bench is occupied, then they stand above the soul.

  • 23

In leggings. Don't focus. I was strong from birth and was bullied for my appearance by both my parents and school.

  • 24

I set up a room for myself at home. But most of all the women are distracting.

  • 25

And now I have the feeling that other people in the hall consider themselves better than me, some kind of higher caste, laugh behind my back, talk and humiliate me.

  • 26

I have a lot of weight, but even after reducing it, I will never be thin, I was born like that. And in the light of day in the hall - I can not.

  • 27

And then from the side of men, and supposedly girlfriends. After a long illness I went to the sports section.

  • 28

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue - how did you overcome it? But absolutely when they see you for the third time, they will lose all interest in you.

  • 29

So if it seems to you that they are laughing at you, tell yourself "this chick sees me for the 15th time. she really doesn't care.

  • 30

In the fourth they will already treat you - as if you have always been here.

  • 31

I invented all my fears myself. Yes, everyone cares about you. Are you the only fat one there?

  • 32

Probably, I did not describe clearly enough - I go to the wrestling section. I can't contact anyone.

  • 33

Go to the pool - hippos are trained there to reduce the load on the legs and everyone is the same as you and more.

  • 34

Of course, when they see it for the first time, they wash the bones, maybe the second time too.

  • 35

Until you love yourself so much and it will seem that they are laughing at you, you will notice someone else's gaze on yourself.

  • 36

I went there for myself and watched only myself, counted approaches, listened to music, a stream of thoughts about work and household chores went through my head.

  • 37

Although I try not to communicate closely, so as not to hear condescension and self-pity. Only on business.

  • 38

His mum hates me, a couple of times, even in front of me, she told him that he ruined his life by exchanging me for her.

  • 39

All would be fine, but he has a close relationship with his parents - he does not seem to listen to them, but he listens.

  • 40

And my mother sings her song all the time: what an ex is good, smart.

  • 41

But is it my fault that my parents divorced and live far away from me, or that this one earns well and can make expensive gifts for her, and I am a black laborer, but I do what I love.

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Her presence on the project is explained by the fact that she has a high rating, and this is very popular with those who host the show.

  • 43

Young, but already wounded. Doesn't trust men. Rather bad. And even the environment, sorry teasing.

  • 44

I want to tell you that real female beauty has nothing to do with what many media are trying to prove to us.

  • 45

There are many examples of successful photographs and one of them relates to this.

  • 46

It's hard to disagree here and the beautiful views always give us their confirmation.

  • 47

We must remember that only weight loss in the shortest extreme time will save you.

  • 48

But they all parted, got married and it worked out. And in short, I'm 32 single and don't date anyone. I go to work and home.

  • 49

I have a sister who is a year older. We were always with her. And the guys always paid more attention to me, but I didn't like anyone and I myself am passive.

  • 50

She is also pretty but a little with sharp features. I'm nicer. But she also had fans.

  • 51

That is, he and his family are already used to the fact that I don't really mean anything to her. And it is not necessary to call and invite me somewhere.

  • 52

And it never happened to beat off the guys from each other. As a result, she met a guy (now her husband) and was apparently afraid to show me something.

  • 53

It turned out that she met him, went for a walk with his family, with his sisters and never took me, and I thought, well, ok, and somehow it was a shame that it was as if I was a stranger.

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But when my help is needed, they exploit me to the fullest. I always help with children, trusts only me, always help me with money.

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