April 10, 2022: Everything in reverse.

On the one hand, I did the bare minimum of physical activity today, but didn't hit my punches or lift enough weight. In addition, I again ate vermicelli today, on which I developed a real addiction. @90002390983 It's raining outside, but that didn't stop me from running. In principle, I feel quite well and nothing can stop me. @4638998509238 I want to go on the most cruel diet from Monday. You need to have a small belly. Interestingly, it didn't help much. The Polish was ready to revolt, strongly hoping for help from Europe. @743783894 The departure of Western companies from the market as sanctions is a rather strange measure, usually the times of the Soviet Union are given as the peak of sanctions pressure. @89794897938275 but with the Soviet Unions there was a fundamentally different position. Soviet car imports were banned not because @4364398539086 Western auto giants did not want to categorically develop the market. Because he himself did not let foreign cars in here, the stake in the field of economics was placed on autarky, and the West was just all the time licking its lips at the consumer market as a good opportunity for the development of its industry and foreign trade, in addition, the presence of Western companies was considered a good way of political influence on Soviet society. lifestyle. @74683408048098 Today, the situation is reversed, they want to punish us with the absence of what we don’t really need and are actually pushing us to create autarchy and strengthen cooperation with countries... that is, the West itself today wants to create an alliance again with its restrictive measures, and I assure you it will get it. @34798805840378097 And you can be vaccinated with one of the vaccines against the infection, approved, the certificate of which is required when entering the territory of the countries. I ask you this not out of curiosity, but out of interest. @43830785849 I have to travel to one of the countries soon, but visiting this country requires one of the approved vaccines against the infection. And they also shouted that it was from their taxes. @4579823579879 I don't understand, why not just be happy for the old people and children? How do you think? Is it good or bad? I met my husband 1.5 years before the wedding, we were married on 27-26 and a year later our daughter was born. @437659843795987439 When I was leaving the hospital, after 2-3 days I found a condom in the car, my husband began to make excuses, and eventually admitted that when I was in the hospital, he cheated on me. Adult woman 40 years old. I don't have a family, I'm not sure. I can't put into words how painful it was. © Pollosari 093482983532098