Third day: I feel better

You will sprout me for deciding to eat today and not think about the consequences. @4938960986094 But in fact, I was able to run today, moreover, the neighbors and his children ran after me. @694380890 It was fun, but I tried to break away and to some extent I managed to do it. @4836987987538927 By my nature, I am a fine fellow and I can definitely say that the result of my actions will be excellent and desirable. @893469843986839 Everything must be completed in a short period of time according to the planned scenario. @346380802809 this Horse wanted to go home ... @64039840928609 But what does it have to do with it ... @8437658923478523787 An unpleasant person, small eyes, pouting lips, and even this nasty raspy voice, maybe due to the fact that the nose fell through. @843858423578923 Oh, what news, well, everything will be fine now, the joy of the entire population. @893465485823789 And you can calmly exhale and enjoy life. No monthly. @43858325735982 I used to think that the miscarriages of a madhouse are stupid, but now I understand this impudence and the desire to earn any shame. © Pollosari 1985902340938209270