And woe to the vanquished

To sell, as well as to put money on house maintenance, the extra ones will never hurt. We changed the heating, sold all the pipes, we always need money for minor repairs. @464309845 And here is such a freebie, tomorrow I can pick up 10 sheets of slate, if it's free. Good afternoon! @4368340098 Does anyone have contacts of knowledgeable people who can repair the brickwork or remake it. Those people who live in the country of their parents. And what lives in your head is of no interest to anyone and is not necessary ... @453283092809 I envy those people who see beauty in simple things. I kinda envy you. Even when I notice something, I can’t properly capture it in a photo. Whatever phone, the device is not in the hands. @43968908098 So I say thank you. An excellent photo, seemingly simple, but coolly caught and conveyed the moment. To come in the evening to the bank of the river and watch the sunset to the sound of water beating on the shore. @392848923095780978 I don’t know, but at this moment, thoughts seem to end. In fact, the lucky one may well slip out of this "strategic trap" even now. Just as always and at all times - you need to use your strengths by playing on the weaknesses of the enemy. @438863094860980 It is enough for him to simply deliver an uncomplicated ultimatum to Ukraine - or its army and government will immediately capitulate. Or delivers a tactical nuclear strike, with a small such nuclear bomb, for example, on some one. @455293809809758 A small thermonuclear bomb will destroy and infect only one city, which will be very clear and revealing. Or even simpler: maybe even before such an ultimatum, in this way, in some deserted place, but exactly. Only to demonstrate and the reality of such a nuclear threat. I assure you that her government will quickly surrender. Well, at least in order to save the lives of its citizens for humanitarian reasons. @43987693789050 And believe me, the West will not fit in and will not be drawn into a nuclear war for anything. It's there to be afraid. In such a war, the West can enter, if only an idiot tries to strike at one of the countries, in which case he will not lift a finger. @43058028096 Unless he accepts refugees and adds sanctions. So if an idiot does not run into a bomb with a bomb, then he may well win now. And achieve a tactical victory. @43905809329 Although strategically the regime is doomed. But in history and struggle, alas, the main thing is to achieve victory at any cost. Morality is secondary. © Pollosari 90948023775734092