I would be in her mother's place

took my daughter from this madhouse. After all, this is not a joke, it is so dangerous to be nervous during this period, and there is almost no support from anyone. @394879875823809830 Everyone is joking, mocking, and this Bezus, sitting like an owl, pouted, puffed up and expects some kind of attention from the pregnant woman. @24939384909329 Today I watched the broadcast, she is straight pale, there is no joy, no positive in their pair. @3487098509230957807 Honestly, as a mother, I feel very sorry for her. @2302893787539827 Of course, this is her consent to stay there, but it’s not like she has to be constantly in such negative emotions until the end of pregnancy. he is a real vampire, he likes to mock her, even fishermen, he said his unnecessary opinion to anyone. They should be admired, yes. @45379579283805 Now, more than ever, he must forget about his self, protect him from stress, so that he gives birth calmly. @5680804836080 No, on the contrary, he drowns her. @2309898209892 Tanya's mother is completely on the side of Bes, especially since the mother builds her life, she doesn't need Tanya, she will only interfere. @54233729898327958 I hope at least my grandmother is normal, if she accepts something, dear, go home ... you don’t respect yourself if you live with such an egoist. @43580923805930978 The contractions will begin, he won’t even call an ambulance for you, he will say call it yourself or take a taxi to the hospital, and he will eat oranges. @48543890809 I, too, of the same opinion, you have to be such a whining psycho, paranoid, but you really want to be a man, but it doesn’t work out, generally disgusting like a girl with pouted lips. © Pollosari 3234878782537737289