Whatever it was

No, well, I understand when our liberals and foreign officials drive her, but does the author have any questions for her? @34906893005934790 And how to enlighten an adult who eats what it is? @439857979279723985 Better go turn it on, there the Jewish woman will tell you how and how You will have a new portion just for you, listen, smart, enlighten. @468038609380 Why did you ask for this, to tell a person that you are a native @43852380980097 Donetsk citizen and you see everything. Is this an argument now that Simonyan is telling the truth? @4387435892307 Or maybe you're just a stoned crest with a closed profile, who can't see anything further than his nose. @49608095820 There's definitely nothing to talk about with you. He is free, there is no need to change him for anyone, let him sit, he himself did not want to leave, today he is, and tomorrow who is he, too, somewhere in the dungeons? @49068985904094 These people lived a good life together and did nothing when they took out and killed the indigenous population, why were they silent when they organized their processions, why were they silent when children were taught to hate everything from the age of 6 from textbooks? @34577987923798 And they were silent for 30 years, as a human being I feel sorry for them, but no exchanges. @38659043090796389 An opposition leader who is not a prisoner of war by any criteria automatically loses the status of president, and there are all grounds for the physical elimination of this terrorist. @3490532805743040938 Negotiations with terrorists are unacceptable, especially after a bloody provocation and a strike from outside on the station. © Pollosari 23528528095280938509