Day five: My body wants exercise

I confess frankly that sport gives me a desire for self-perfection and here you can’t go to something else. @3969843080843089 You support me and I will reciprocate. My plan is to last two weeks and not look at naked women. I hope that my desire to become better will affect you too. @2345273985798 I would like to believe it, but it could also be a hoax. I rarely talk about my weaknesses, but in the morning laziness and apathy towards life covered me. @458590283098280 Although I worked out, I decided to rethink the basics of my main life. @4320502809238098 I will think about how to act according to my situation. I also have a practical understanding of the future. @4328509823098095 I have no desire to become a sociopath, although I do not drink alcohol and this is my main strength for the future. @435809489032809 Yes, they swear every day, otherwise how does he know the word. I was sitting clearly, I could hear how we went to wash in the neighbors' yard ... @8923850823080329 The neighbors also said that when the door to the apartment opens, it carries from there. @43985882309809280 Although why be surprised, a family of schizophrenics - and beggars. I have a working feeling ... @2758239083 I also decided to run a little in the evening, and all after I had eaten several servings of cereals. @34588908320950832 Watch my life and feel my power. I saw a tough guy today and it became really funny to me, and all because he considers himself strong. You should not evaluate yourself stupidly. © Pollosari 2140289758789324789