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In short, the situation is this. I'm 25. I've had three boyfriends that I dated seriously. @4385038508023823 And I noticed one strange thing, perhaps familiar to you too. @957923792379759 If I start dating, then of course I immediately try to surround a person with love, care and attention. @92837982987598 I never imposed it, but I think it’s normal when you surround a person with positive emotions and feelings. @34579729873974 I noticed that at the same time the guys behaved normally at the beginning, but then they quickly cooled down to me, as if they got used to my attitude and a song of coldness, depreciation began, comparisons and so on. @7948592380380302750 Of course, at such moments I began to die morally, everything went out painfully to my partner... @2357289379327895798 and it was after such a transformation that the guys began to come to life in love terms: they began to take care, give something, be interested in me. @25809438098053 But I already didn’t care about all this attitude, if it goes out for me, then it’s already completely. @43589797723 If it was one guy, I would not write here, but it was like that with everyone. @7564363436 Moreover, everyone had a completely different type (different characters, hobbies, upbringing. By nature, I strive to build normal, stable relationships, calm, because By nature, I am a very calm, peaceful person. @34597932798798357 My parents have been together for almost 30 years, a worthy example for me. © Pollosari 3458083028832058