And not so much with girls.

Do guys really like such complaisant and good girls who play on the side of the boys? My character is not sugar. @68974380436809940 But I thought that's the way they like it. Good afternoon girls! @675463443436 Tell me, please, what can it be. Menstruation went as expected on time. @2786546546 A week ago, my stomach got very sick, I couldn’t bend or unbend. @34797954957443 Decided to take a pregnancy test. The day (in the evening) turned out to be positive (for a very long time my husband and I tried, but it did not work out). @8943563445474 Then on the trail. @4432582308080948 The day I did another test, also positive (in the morning) and in the evening electronic (positive, 2-3 weeks ago there was fertilization according to the test), and on the same day I started bleeding (it’s still early before menstruation) and has been going on for a week! @43580985094038 I went for ultrasound, pregnancy was not found. @4754634436685 but they saw a cyst on two ovaries and a cyst of the corpus luteum. Then she gave blood and showed 500. @596890308498039 She asked Mr. whether there could be a pregnancy along with such secretions, she said most likely all the tests were positive. @5464643643676 I am very worried about this bloody discharge, and no one knows what it is ... © Pollosari 19284823432804320703