This begs the question, could this be pregnancy?

And the bloody discharge, is it an egg that is trying to attach itself to the uterus? Hello everybody! @89483597985792375 There is a man among my acquaintances who I really like for several years already ... @3465894378487893796 He lives in another city, and now the devil is where he rarely gets in touch. @745747547 After all, the flag is in his hands? If this topic is not developed or simply further communicated as if nothing had happened, then do not even waste time? @4654347346436 It is not customary for a woman to talk about her feelings. @6884388586439 Better sit and wait for him to guess. Like - say. @6745747445457 And then there are his problems. No, it's not. Yes, so yes. @4353280950384 We're all going to die anyway. A friend gave me a lipstick, she used it a couple of times, but the color is unsuccessful, it doesn’t suit her and gave it to me. @4358798243794798 The color and Chanel lipstick came up, I never had such a little thing. @754785454 I used it, and the other day I found out what a friend does to her boyfriend. I almost fell. I'm just in shock. @20580348085038 I don’t know what to do, what to check my health and how to communicate with this person further. © Pollosari 45069809809832098