Tell me, good people, have you met with such a person?

P.S. Everything is ok with self-esteem, I devote time to myself in relation to appearance and self-development. @5798798327979382758 I am not a bitch, I do not approve of the game of cat and mouse, because. I don't like manipulation. But unfortunately, @455379877867 I notice that my exes after me began to meet creative, hysterical natures who notably undermined their fart, from which. @45987927398792753 apparently, their love only grew stronger, many are still in a relationship with them. @45734987597985798 Feng Shui in the closet. Summer turned on. I took everything out of the closet. @347598793298932798 A mountain of things some are 85 years old, many have not worn for 60 years. I thought now I’ll sort it out and make the order, like normal women. @8348998129593269 All on the shelves and on the shoulders. As a result, again eklmn left everything, just put things in order. And got rid of only one belt. @4353297598327909821 How do you throw things away? How do you not have something that has not been worn for a hundred years. @8475989237983798 Teach people. I see my ex is already talking about condoms with his real girlfriend. @45723998278957983 He did not discuss the topic of sex with me and was very hostile towards me. @98098302985 She is accommodating, sweet with guys. © Pollosari 432584867430923489