April 9, 2020 - Fulfilled the norm

Escaped for the second time. I feel a surge of strength, although my head hurt in the morning. I had one good idea that I need to cut back on food, especially things like sugar and all products based on it. @680483098070690 It seems to me that the process of my full recovery has begun to gain momentum. @386748043098690894 As for advertising, I think we need to abandon complex schemes and make everything as simple as possible. @348096809480 Got some extra adrenaline today. Now, after my run, I drink coffee and type this text, and I also like rhythmic music, which, fortunately for me, ended up on my computer. @235880980952379 For the most discerning. I honestly promise I won’t tell anyone, because it’s a secret: what exactly is your insecurity, in what situations? @58684039850809 Maybe there are some tips? Just ready to talk, talk. By the way, this is an occasion to think about the guy ... maybe he is faulty between the kit and the kit. @46872895290380934 And you can't do anything with them, they live like that, they suck energy, suckers... @435238809830732 I want your child! So stop - I'm not a man. Build a family with him ... @456743809808023 Somehow I got tired of him for two months! Of course, I immediately told my mother, so to speak, “I made myself happy” ... @560328508340987640 Now they constantly ask about him, all ears are ringing, they say, hold him. @549792379875628 Recently, because of this, I even started dating, you can say "it doesn't matter with whom." You can throw tomatoes at me and say that I am. But I really already have complexes after them. Well, I chose a more or less pleasant, working, decent and modest one. At first there was like sympathy, but it turned out to be a terrible grumbling ... © Pollosari 365243890532898093280