Day 1 : Everything from the beginning

I broke and nullified due to the fact that I hoped for my qualities and strength. The result became quite natural. @3468375098209389 We need to move forward and I understand this very well. Now we will take the ninth number as the beginning of the countdown and begin a different life. @3464839836809488 We will think less about the bad - more fasting and playing sports. @609384098689068 Everything will be fine, and I don't doubt it for a second. I'll post a video of today's workout. @43547439758 May it please you again. You also need to recognize my qualities and be like you always wanted to be noticed in a narrow circle. Sometimes when we fall into the mud, it strengthens us and we should not despair. @345773275392982759 I am sure that I will achieve what I have been striving for all my life and this gives me a reason to be optimistic about my future. The beginning of a great journey... In modern times it is difficult to refuse the temptations offered by today's world. @34757847897983257 But it is necessary and extremely important to keep yourself and not succumb to any temptation. This is the start of a great path to achieving self-development. @32523589732987298 I will upload my workouts on video, and show the schedule of my classes. Today, April 8, 2022, it is warm outside and the snow is leaving. I will hope that I will hold out until May 1, and then I will set myself a new goal. @454673279798797 Be sure to follow my life and watch my videos, I will try to upload them every day. There are many different plans ahead, but I know that I will achieve what I really deserve. @3457328789279 Only work can change a person. In addition to playing sports, I set myself the goal of giving up unnecessary waste of time, browsing all kinds of dirt on the Internet and directing my forces to the development of my tasks. @3687348769838978943 The main motto of my life is not to look back and move only with acceleration. © Pollosari 345237327985327973289742