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Well, if he really thinks that he has done nothing for the development of sports, then he is, as they like to say here. " @456454876967 dating Connah's Quay That is, he confirmed the words that have been hovering on the sidelines of the world for a long time. @4300056 Connah's Quay Despite his merits and on-duty curtsies towards rivals after defeats, he really does not have a sense of tact. @7567 Especially without evidence, you will only undermine trust. If he loves he will not change, or his conscience will stick and he himself admits. @4567456 dating Penzance It is enough to recall his expressions about which he will beat with one hand in Penzance, dissatisfaction with changes in the tour, prize money, lack of development, seeding, etc. @765867876 dating Whitehaven Of course, he is a contradictory person, on the one hand, a symbol of the game, on the other, a rebel. @438808058 Whitehaven but you need to land him on the ground periodically, otherwise he already loves himself, but himself. @36511 dating Huntingdon Must bring them together. @7654775 We will not even talk about disrespect for the referees, for the rules and for snooker as a game in general. @5446754 Huntingdon This is very sad, if the Rocket allows itself this. @546745711 Man is not just a symbol of snooker, he is snooker. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, how do you usually treat a cold? Everyone is sick, at least the general condition has deteriorated significantly. And again with fever, runny nose and all the consequences. Maybe turn off the TV. remove the effect of suggestion! I would start with this and remove from my inner circle all those informationally charged with fear. Rest fresh air... And my friend also suggested me a word for designation. The level of understanding is about the same. © Pollosari 435723809808320076340