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And I want to bring him to the fact that he himself would confess, please help, advise something sensible. What makes you think he confesses? @4582309 dating Peterlee We say we mean and vice versa. @4114567348870 Therefore, he should be doubly attentive to his speeches. @80987847383 Peterlee Conversely, the assertions I am the younger generation and retirement are alarming. This is also very badly said. @3488840435 dating Sedgley By the way, when he retires, he will lose half of his audience, so the Iranian does no less damage with his calls. @84758382907329 Sedgley The player is great, but at 19 he was lucky. The young Chinese faltered at the last moment and made 2 mistakes in the end... @83475987298783 dating Billingham When the victory was already in his pocket. And his reaction after the end is understandable. Billingham All the time catching up and almost won. @3463485804380968 And if you want, of course. It can be seen that he is already playing just for fun without much desire or something ... @23542752383029 dating Penarth But will he take himself for the balls to catch up with the champions? @321314 Penarth And if spiders are fighting in a jar, don't disturb them. Better to just stand and watch. @836740398048 And be ready to go to the bathroom to rinse the jar and flush the contents down the toilet. Make cranberry juice, it helps a lot. Drink it often and warm 5-7 days during the day, vitamins zinc, iron. Recover. Such that the following generations will not be washed off, children and grandchildren will curse us and reject us. This is something to be really wary of, in my opinion. And in today's growing energies on the planet, which means that all those who have close (I emphasize) relations with them will receive their share, and it can be very unenviable. It will be attracted just by those who support system, in fact, they will take on karma for physical deeds, although they do not personally participate in this... © Pollosari 439798458092830298