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And not the fraternal people should pay him and repent to go?! So let him come. Yes, it was like that ... @234038296807248023 dating Northwich They didn’t ask, they didn’t give, they were taken away from them by right of the winners. @237568659387873928698 Northwich And they didn't start the war. Nobody praises the Bolsheviks, they concluded a shameful peace and did a lot of other things. @2318077395783987 dating Bebington And nothing will end, here people encroached on the world order. @347598987948779 And either they will be physically destroyed (and us along with them), or we will break the world order completely. @23987764965928723 Bebington To do this, at least completely cut off the western border from Europe. @32890081284097050 dating Maidenhead But there won't be peace for sure until that happens. The conflict resolves the issue of the transfer of the resource base from Europe to China. @43879772380 Maidenhead As a result, the military result will not be very important, the main political and economic one. @228219897963747908023750 Truce can be at least 10 pieces. To force business on both sides to abandon the process of colonial exploitation that is beneficial to it. Filton and to realign the rails of this exploitation to the East can only be a serious political shock. © Pollosari 34779857947983749387